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Visitors rules of the Space Club, Civic Association

issued for club Račianska ul. 22 / A in Bratislava



Art. I

Introductory provisions


1 / Space Club, Civic association, with registered office M. Sch. Trnavského 18, Bratislava, no reg. MV SR: VVS / 1-900 / 90 / 19357-1, ID: 35567473 established by its articles of association as an internal organizational unit the clubhouse within the premises at the address Račianska ul. 22 / A in Bratislava, as defined by lease agreement between the association and owner of the building.

2 / Clubhouse is designed for leisure and active relaxation and is open to association members of all ages, for both individuals and groups. Membership associations can also be acquired by paying A minimum membership fee according to the statutes and internal regulations of the association.

3 / Clubhouse is accessible for non-members only by reservation through the website, operated by partner company TAGA LLP, Registered in Scotland, Bath Street, Registration No: SO305181, with registered office at 272 Bath Street, G2 4JR, Glasgow .

4 / Every visitor of the clubhouse by his/her entry into the Clubhouse confirms that he/her is aware of the existence of the Visitors rules, is familiar with them and that he/her undertake to abide regardless of whether he/she is member of the association or not.

5 / Each participant of the Laser Game activity confirms that all photographs taken at the premises of the clubhouse are the property of the association, and the association may publish them as part of its policy of publicity on social networks, or printed versions, respectively, provide them for publication of its marketing partners, especially TAGA LLP. In case of dissagreement of the Participant, the association guarantees not to publish the material on the social network. Consent of the Participant may be revoked at any time by written notice delivered to the association office, personal service in the clubhouse or delivered to the electronic address published by an association or TAGA LLP on


Article II

Opening hours


1 / Opening hours of the clubhouse are Monday to Sunday from 10.00 am to 22.00 pm.

2 / Entry to the Club is free of charge, but the specified activities are subject to the minimum membership contribution provided for in the Annex I to the present rules.

3 / In the case of wishes, complaints, questions or other important cases, visitor can turn to association/ or its authorized persons/ by e-mail addressed to: About all issues of clubhous shall be finally decided in situ (immediately at the place) by a statutory representants of the association or a person authorized by the statutory representants of the Association, especially the head of the clubhouse.

4/ The clubhouse can be booked and rented for private events, only in agreement with the booking partner of the association, TAGA LLP, via mail to:


Article III

The rights and obligations of the Association



a) appoint responsible individuals who will be present during opening hours to provide and be responsible for the everyday running of the clubhouse,

b) conduct and ensure proper maintenance and operation of the clubhouse,

c) providing the security service through continuous connection to central security desk,

d) cooperate with government authorities in the supervision of hygiene further with the authorities of police force and municipal police in ensuring public order,

e) providing information, notification and prohibition signs and markings.




Compliance with safety and protection of property


1 / All visitors, regardless of their membership in the Association shall:

a) refrain from any action and activity that limit, threaten, harass or disturb other visitors,

b) to act within good manners,

c) maintain order, cleanliness and hygiene,

d) comply with the rules issued and communicated by the building owner or manager, guidance of the Association and his representative,

e) throw any waste into the bins only.

2 / Persons entering the area of the motion games (playing area) are required to behave respectfully and carefully and avoid any possible injury or damage to property. They are also required to comply with safety rules and guidelines of the Association and its authorized persons.

3 / In the playing area it is prohibited, in particular:

a/ handling of equipment,

b/ consume your own food and drinks,

c/ run at inappropriate speed in the labyrint,

d/ entry with  unsuitable footwear (eg. high-heeled shoes, sandals, or dirty shoes)

e/ bring and use their own sports equipment,

f/ entry to persons under the influence of excessive amounts of alcohol.



Article V

Other rules of clubhouse


1 / Entry of the children under 12 years of age shall be allowed only with parents or other adult responsible for the child's actions.

2 / Entry to the clubhouse is not permitted to persons who are under the influence of excessive amounts of alcohol, narcotics or psychotropic substances, and those who by their conduct and behavior annoy or plague other visitors their stay.

3 / In the all area of ​​the Clubhouse is strictly prohibited:

a/ smoking,

b/ consume alcoholic beverages by persons below eighteen years or persons under the considerable influence of these drinks,

c/ enjoy and use narcotic and psychotropic substances,

d/ move outside the designated areas intended for activities in the Clubhouse,

e/ enter with any animal.

4 / Visitor is obliged in the case of damage of property, equipment or pollution of premises (whether through their own fault or the fault of other Visitors, or the fault of the child of which acts visitor is responsible for) to immediately inform the statutory representants of the Association if present, or/and authorized persons of the Association, who take remedial measures.

5 / Statutory representants of the Association and authorized persons are entitled to check compliance with the Visitors rules. For this purpose, they are entitled to request for inspection identity card or any other relevant document of the visitor. This right is not an obligation, and any failure to control if it not imposed by generally binding statutory regulation, can not be regarded as a breach of the obligations of the association.

6 / In the case of non-compliance with the Visitors rules, visitor can be expulsed from the clubhouse by authorized person.


Art. VI

The provisions on liability for damages


1 / Should the acts or ommission of the visitor cause  any loss or damage, liability of the visitors is  governed by the relevant legislation, particularly the (slovak) Civil Code and its related legislation. This does not affect the liability for damages of the visitors - non-members of the Association according the General Terms and  Conditions of the TAGA LLP, available on

2 / For the storage of the property of Visitors are established storage lockers that are located in common areas of the premises of clubhouse.

3 / The Association shall not be liable for the loss of things that the members will bring to the clubhouse, as such brought things are not things entrusted for safekeeping by association in accordance with § 433, para. 2 of the Civil Code, unless they are stored in established storage lockers under the preceding paragraph. For any loss or damage of things  stored in lockers under the preceding paragraph Association is liable at most up to half of received membership fees of the person who deposited things.

4 / With clubhouse operation is not associated storage of jewelry, money and valuables, so for loss of such things Association is not liable.

5 / For the matter of things stored by non-members shall apply only General Terms and Conditions of the TAGA LLP or terms otherwise agreed between the TAGA LLP and visitor (the client).

6 / Entry to the club and participation in physical activity is at the visitor's own risk. Association shall be under no circumstances held liable for damages caused by the breach of the duties imposed on visitors to other visitors by virtue the general principles of civil law for damage prevention, averting imminent damage or such obligations, which are directed to the visitors by the present Rules or by such other approved guidances or rules with regard to specific game or motion activities, as time to time may be published in the premises and clubhouse, regardless of whether the breach of obligations of third parties caused damage to property or injuries.

7 / In the case of common liability for damage to health caused by breach of duty overlapping the duties of Association, of persons appointed by the Association, the injured visitor, and any third party (including an incorrect instruction from the owner and manufacturer of equipment used in the motion games) carries Association respective share of liability , however only to the extent that it was  possible to predict damage and in which there has been a deliberate breach of obligations by the Association.

8 / Association, within ensuring operation of the Clubhouse uses performance from third parties (eg. catering services, sponsors, security services, etc.). These entities, in their participation in the Clubhouse operation activities are authorized by to regulate the behavior of visitors by its guidances. As for their liability towards the visitor of the Clubhouse as well as to third parties, they are acting on their own behalf and on their own responsibility and Association do not held any liabiliry for its actions or ommissions.


Art. VII

Breach of obligations of the Visitor


1 /  Any breach of the obligations of the Visitor established by this Rules and its amendments establishes the right to compensation and the right to the agreed contractual penalty as agreed by reference to present Rules.

2 / Contractual penalty will be determined in breach of monetary obligations to pay minimum one-time membership fee for the activity, as a value equal to the relevant fee for each day of delay from 1st to 7th day delay, and then at 1% of the fee per day of delay . In violation of other monetary obligations, including the obligation for compensation, applied in writing by the Association with  toregard the visitor  contractual penalty shall be calculated as of 1% of the defaulted sum of debt per day of delay.

3 / Contractual penalty in breach of a non-monetary obligation is determined as equal to 1.5 times the actual damage, while for its determination do not require a claim for damages to be submitted.


Article VIII.

Dispute resolution


1 / Dispute between the members and the association, as well as the bodies of the association shall be settled by arbitration in accordance with Art. VIII. Articles of Association.

2 / Disputes between visitors and the Association arising out of activities of the association or in connection with the activities of the association, including disputes about the validity of contracts, breach thereof, interpretation and revocation, as well as on the arbitrability of the dispute, if they within 30 days of the call of any party fails to be resolved by settlement, shall be resolved on the motion of any party exclusively before the Permanent Court of Arbitration JSM ( in accordance with its rules and regulations, published in the Commercial Gazette of the SR.

3 / The parties expressly agreed on the application of Article. 192 Swiss PILA (Gesetz über internationales Privatrecht) abolition of the exclusion of arbitration award where such negotiating venue (the seat of the arbitration panel) in Zug, Canton of Zug, Switzerland.

4 / Disputes among visitors to each other if they relate to liability for damages caused by or arising from the activity or operation of the Clubhouse, regardless of membership in Association as well as disputes on the arbitrability of the dispute will be resolved on the motion of any party exclusively before the Permanent Court of Arbitration JSM ( in accordance with its rules and regulations, published in the Commercial Bulletin SR. Before settlement of the dispute by arbitration the parties have the right to apply to the SRS JSM with the request for arbitration, and have the right to ask the association or its authorized person to comment on the conduct of the insured event.

5 / The parties expressly agreed on the application of Article. 192 Swiss PILA (Gesetz über internationales Privatrecht) abolition of the exclusion of arbitration award where such negotiating venue (the seat of the arbitration panel) in Zug, Canton of Zug, Switzerland.

6 / Participants of any dispute under the preceding paragraphs take note that clubhouse despite openness to non-members is not under operation of the association and its activities are not conducted for profit, and therefore the Association is not the seller within the meaning of the legislation on consumer protection.


Art. IX

Final provisions


1 / The Association is entitled to edit and change these Rules and provisions contained therein, with effect from the publication of changes to and areas clubhouse.

2 / The association is entitled to in the Annex to these Rules in particular the minimum membership fees which give entitlement to individual activities or to use the clubhouse facilities or enjoyment of meals and drinks in the Clubhouse, their maturity and payment terms.