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Birthday party in Bratislava from age of 8

Narodeninové oslavy

Did your child have a birthday and you couldn’t organize him a great birthday party?

Are you about to plan an unforgettable birthday party for your kid and you don’t know where?


You can choose Standard Package Deal or VIP Birthday Deal:



  Party Duration* Activities Group Size Space World Center Cena


from 4 to 9 players

2.5 hours

4x Laser Game

+ 1hour of other activities

valid for group of 4 - 9 players There might be other groups in the center

15eur/child or student



from 10 to 16 players

2.5 hours

4x Laser Game

+ 1hour of other activities

valid for group of 10 - 16 players There might be other groups in the center

12eur/child or student


VIP 2 hours UNLIMITED use of all activities incl. Laser Game up to 20 visitors** Space World closed for your group ONLY 200eur/Birthday Party




- Laser Game - 16 phasers, 13 game variations

- 2x Xbox Kinect Zone

- XXL Table Football

- Table Tennis

- Billiard


arrival possible 10min before the start, departure 10min after the party to enable the smooth changing of the groups

** maximum number of visitors for this offer is 20

(in case of interest we can accomodate groups up to 50 visitors - price offer is prepared individually)


Space World is open in accordance with the actual regulations, paragraph Sport and free time - Fitness,


Do not hesitate to call us on +421 918 235 433 or fill the contact form below. 


  Doba trvania oslavy* Aktivity v cene oslavy Veľkosť skupiny Uzavretie Space World Cena
BALÍČEK 2.5 hod 4x Laser Game + 1hod ostatných aktivít platí pre skupinu 10 - 16 hráčov V centre sa môže nachádzať ešte jedna ďaľšia skupina 12eur/osoba
VIP 2 hodiny Laser Game a ostatné aktivity sa využívajú neobmedzene do 20 osôb** Space World je uzavretý iba pre Vašu skupinu 200eur/oslava



Contact us

Number of all people in the group including parents.
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Celebrations and group events

In the area of our entertainment center SPACE WORLD we have a separate party room with the capacity of 16 children at your disposal. Upon agreement with the parents we can prepare decorations, refreshments, maybe even a birthday cake for your birthday party. If there is more than 10 children at the party we can even call in an animator that will take care of the children if requested.  In case of a larger birthday party we can close the whole center for you

Why should children celebrate in our center?

  • Lots of various activities
  • safe area
  • non smoking area

Who will enjoy a party in our center to the fullest?

Entertainment center SPACE WORLD offers unusual motion activities for children 8 years and older. Thanks to special child offer, children can enjoy an adrenaline game of Laser Game where they strengthen the principles of team play, fair play and experience exciting space adventure. In the Xbox zone they can try different game variations where children can have fun and train their reflexes as well. In our entertainment center you will give children not only experience but exercise beneficial for their health. Use the offer of original birthday party in Bratislava in the area of  Space World.


Even adults can have fun here!

Not only children can have fun in our center but parents as well. Invite other family members or parents of other children to the celebration and we will ensure that all generations will carry away unique experience. Beside main activities of Laser Game (electronic paintball) or Xbox Kinect (your body is the controller) you can play billiard, table tennis or play XXL table football. Divide into teams, collect points and have fun all together! Professional team of SPACE WORLD, that you have during the whole celebration at your disposal will gladly help you!

How a birthday party generally progresses

Laser Game packages are favorite offers for birthday celebrations. An example of a party concept from package 1 (more information HERE)


Parents plan a party for their 10 year old daughter who wants to invite 9 friends. Party is supposed to start at 2PM

Package 1 includes 4 x Laser Game + 30min Xbox Kinect zone

Games are planned as follows:

1. Laser Game : 2:15 PM

2. Laser Game : 2:45 PM

3. Laser Game : 3:30 PM

4. Laser Game : 4:00 PM

In between games there are 15 minute breaks for refreshments, collecting new strength for new game, choosing different game mode, playing an Xbox game. In the middle, between game 2 and 3, there is 30 minute break that is usually used for congratulating the birthday girl, refreshments in the form of pizza/sandwiches/baguettes and slicing the birthday cake.

Party with package 1. usually takes approximately 2,5 hours from 2:00 PM to 4:30 PM. It is suitable to arrive at least15 minutes before the party begins for preparation and instruction.

What you need to do

Reserving a birthday party can be easily done through our online reservation system. Do not forget to tick off birthday party in step B. After the order is sent you will receive detailed information, price, refreshment options, list of drinks and date confirmation on your email


 Online reservation for Laser Tag


Party room can be ordered depending on current availability only by phone

Note: In case of any questions, closing the whole center for private party for example, do not hesitate to contact us at or at 0918 235 433.

„I've been doing my children's birthday parties for 5 years in Space World and every time I leave there very satisfied and my kids very happy. The working team are very helpful, kind and smiley. I like that when there is a problem they come honestly and we talk to find a solution. I will happily come again there not only for my kids but also for myself and friends!!!”