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X-box zone

What is Xbox zone


Do you like to play PC games? Why not try it on your own skin? In our Xbox zones you do not need a keyboard, joystick or any other controller. Xbox Kinect reacts directly to your movements- when you have to jump in the game, just jump, when you are to kick, just kick. Many different games will interest the smallest players as well as adults. Transfer yourself through seasons, try athletic pentathlon, box or just plug holes in an aquarium. Elaborate graphics, spacious game zone and large screen will bring you great fun.


You do not need any equipment to play.
You and your friends become players and controllers as well.

Game Variations

You have various sport, motion reflex or dance games to choose from. Fun is guaranteed:)


Would you like to become Messi or Ronaldo for a while? No problem :) You can play against computer or together with or against a friend.


The game allows up to 4 players to play at once. Will you throw a strike, spare or nothing? :)


Pentathlon means: a 100m run, spear throwing, broad jump, disc throwing and 100m through obstacles will make you super athletes, … or at least help you sweat a bit  :)


Right hook, lower hook, defend, KO... yes, even you can become Muhammad Ali

Beach volleyball

Playing beach volleyball in winter? Not a problem,... you will definitely not miss even sand in between your teeth..

Table tennis

Even if we have a professional table here at Space World, it can be great fun to try the virtual one. Do not forget that your hands are the rackets :)

20,000 Leaks

Fish constantly make holes into your aquarium. It is p to you how quick you are to plug them before the water runs out. Use your hands, feet, head and whatever else you can think of. If you are not quick enough, call a friend to help.

River Rush

This game is about teamwork because you and your friend drive a raft together. You have to coordinate and collect as many points as possibly while rafting down a wild river.

Rally Ball

Break as many boxes as possible. Watch out, the balls can multiply and you need to employ reflexes, speed and intuition.

Reflex Ridge

Play against your friend and test your reflexes. The more obstacles you duck, the faster you are and the more coins you collect as you go, the closer you will get to winning. TIP:  it is good to have a spare shirt.

Space Bubble

Take a friend with you and fly among bubbles. It is up to your skillfulness to burst as many as possible.


Do you feel like a dancing queen or king? :) … Show us your moves. You can choose from songs from the the 80s to Justin Bieber so fun is guaranteed, even for the ones that do not dance :)