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About us

Entertainment center SPACE WORLD with area of 750 m² brings a lot of unusual entertaining motion activities that bring friends, families or even employees – basically everyone from 8 – 99 years of age - together. We attempt to provide the best service possible and our professional team aspires to ensure that every single visitor leaves entirely satisfied.

Space relax


Show list of beverages

In our entertainment center we will gladly take care of your drinking regime. In our no smoking cafe you can find refreshments and also watch game results of your friends on a big screen. And since no one stays in one place, we implemented a plastic bottle system for drink movement. During birthday parties parents can sweeten their waiting time with wonderful coffee, during team buildings you can replenish your energy not only with draught Kofola Original but also with draught beer..


Party room

If you are preparing a birthday party or any other party you have a room available in our center with the capacity of 16 people. To make it a real party room with the right atmosphere we can decorate it for you after an agreement. In case of team buildings and other corporate events we will equip the room with the necessary technology and ensure maximum privacy.


We mind your personal things. Thanks to our lockers locked with PIN codes, your things will be in absolute safety during your games so you do not have to worry about them or carry a key.

Dressing room

In order for you to feel comfortable during the motion activities in our center we have dressing rooms ready for you. Since exercise is guaranteed in our center we advise you to bring sport wear and a spare shirt. You can leave your things in a cabinet locked with a PIN code you set up so they are perfectly safe while you play.

Wonderful staff

Our foremost goal is to make our customers feel absolutely comfortable. Professional and friendly staff is always to your disposal. They will explain the rules and usage of Laser Game systems, explain systems in the Xbox zone or gladly serve you refreshments in the cafe or bar :).

External catering

If you are looking for an original place for various forms or private party our center is the right place for you. Not only thanks to the unique motion activities you will have loads of fun, we will also take care of your refreshments. There are no limitations to fantasy here even in this case – we will provide sandwiches or even chocolate fountains.

Air conditioning

For maximum comfort our center is equipped with air conditioning and ozone air filter.

Free WiFi

During your stay in our center you can be online for hours. You can appreciate the Internet not only during regular day but also during corporate lectures, team buildings and other corporate events. We will gladly support the idea of “forget the Internet” - come to talk and have fun in person :).


You can watch television at home but also in company of your friends. In our center you will not find tv series screening but a better content – review of how your friends, individuals or enemy team is doing.


Laser Tag

Fun team game brings unusual experience for 4 to 16 players. No dirt and pain as with paintball, no elimination after getting hit. You will wear a comfortable vest, receive a space weapon that uses state of the art technology and you can venture into a labyrinth. Darkness, dense fog, strategically placed hideouts and intersecting laser beams create the right adrenaline atmosphere. Laser Game, electronic paintball or Laser Tag is a unique way to strengthen teamwork, move a little and have loads of fun doing it.

Xbox zones

Do you like to play PC games? Why not try it on your own skin? In our Xbox zones you do not need a keyboard, joystick or any other controller. Xbox Kinect reacts directly to your movements- when you have to jump in the game, just jump, when you are to kick, just kick. Many different games will interest the smallest players as well as adults. Transfer yourself through seasons, try athletic pentathlon, box or just plug holes in an aquarium. Elaborate graphics, spacious game zone and large screen will bring you great fun.

Table tennis and billiard

Would you like to play table tennis on a professional table from world championships? And how about stylishly designed silver-white billiard table with purple canvas, silver cues and pearly balls? Thanks to topnotch equipment amateurs become professionals in our center :).

Group events

Team building

Would you like to organise original team building, lecture or other corporate event? You are at the right place! Your employees, colleagues and business partners will enjoy lots of fun in the area of our entertainment center that offers unusual motion activities. We will provide necessary equipment and refreshments. All this and much more – for your satisfaction!

Birthday parties

Is your, your child's or friend's birthday nearing? Bet on originality and organise a party full of adrenaline and excitement. In our center you have a great party room at your disposal with the capacity of 16 people or we can close the whole center for your party. Upon agreement we can prepare decorations, external catering, balloon decorations and even an animator. In combination with our motion activities that our center offers your birthday party will definitely be the one that cannot be forgotten!